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You and your family can access free TV channels with the best antennas from Chuck’s Satellite INC. Stop by our shop today and let us set you up with one of our high-quality antennas.

Central Illinois residents are limited to only a few over-the-air channels, and most of them are 45 to 80 miles from Effingham. Our team has looked into different antenna makes and models to determine the best reach and viewing results.

Offering Top Antenna Brands

Our research concluded that the Winegard and DigiTenna brands have made the biggest advances when it comes to connecting you to free channels. At any given time, we keep at least 3 to 5 different antennas in stock.

DigiTenna is a smaller, more compact directional antenna. This brand is great for someone who needs to reach longer distances for their TV reception without the large antenna above their house.

Additional Information

  •  The Winegard antenna offers a narrow beam and usually reaches 60 to 80 miles
  • Antennas reach - 8 to 20 channels on average
  • Rooftop mounting
  •  5-100 foot TV antennas towers
  •  Accessories for your antennas such as roters and boosters 
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